Portland, Oregon fire bomb

A protest that finally makes AOC uncomfortable

AOC was fine when the federal courthouse in Portland was having Molotov cocktails thrown at it, small businesses across the country destroyed, people’s homes threatened, livelihoods taken away. These “peaceful”…

This morning, I realized that everything is about to change.

This is a post from an unknown source but it is well written and shared here. Unknown Author: “This morning, I realized that everything is about to change. No matter…

WOW! Sun action, big flares! It’s about time!

There were some cool looking big flares on 8/14/20. Been a long time since we have seen this much activity from he sun! Take a look at these pictures and…


Hollywood, We don’t need your opinion.

Just because your famous that does not make you right. As a famous rich people, Hollywood actors are in a small bubble of fans who constantly adore and admire them….

Solar video for January 2020. flares, sunspots and CMEs

Solar Video January 2020. Solar Flares and Sunspots

Video of entire month of sun for January 2020 in several bands. Solar activity including sunspots, solar flares, and solar storms.

Solar Corona

New Live Solar Corona Videos

We have added videos which showcase the suns corona. In real time you can see solar flares, CMEs, Solar Storms and the corona.

Solar Flares, Sunspots, CMEs and Activity January 2020

There have been some solar flares and other activity but this has been a pretty quiet month so far for the sun. On 1/19/20 at about 00:35z there was a…

UFO December 2019 from Minnesota

Explained – Navy says Top-Secret UFO files could gravely damage U.S. security

Do a quick Google search of “UFO gravely damage U.S. national security, Navy” and you will find pages of major news media web sites who have written articles about it…