Current Aurora Borealis Activity and Viewing

Aurora Activity in real time

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The red arrow in the plot, that looks like a clock hand, points toward the noon meridian.

The statistical pattern depicting the auroral oval is appropriate to the auroral activity level determined from the power flux observed during the most recent polar satellite pass

Northern Aurora

Northern auroral oval extrapolated from measurements taken during the most recent polar pass of the NOAA POES satellite.



Southern Aurora

Southern pole, extrapolated from measurements taken during the most recent polar pass of the NOAA POES satellite

8 thoughts on “Current Aurora Borealis Activity and Viewing

  1. Despite the intricate explanation of the aurora by science, this spectacular natural show of lights is really breathtaking. I captured images of it when I went to Iceland in 2014.

  2. I grew up with the Northern Lights all my life in the NWT, its home to me and hopefully we’ll see them! Thank you for all that you all do there for us!
    love Angela and Family

    • I miss both the Northern Light and the Southern Light.Of course,I enjoy heavenly light within myself. This is spiritually speaking. Physically speaking, I’m in the temperate zone having different flairs of climate areawise. is doing somethings great and wonderful by apprizing us of the astronomical and weather phenomena concerning this earth and other heavenly bodies.Personally,I thank them very much for their great service.

  3. i have enjoyed studying the pix of Aurora Borealis dated 23 July 2013.By my partial comprehension,I find that the noon meridian was through Europe and Africa at the time when the pix were taken,if I am not mistaken. Anyway it is nice to have some curious glance.I am thankful for the scope.

  4. Yes,I did.Thanka a lot.


    We have so much to learn and improve our knowledge base and consciousness

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