Solar Flare, Solar Storm of SUN, CURRENT SDO AIA 304 IMAGE-VIDEO



Click Image to see live video, solar flare, solar storm.

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The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) will be taking a closer look at the Sun, the source of all Space Weather. Space Weather affects not only our lives here on Earth, but the Earth itself, and everything outside its atmosphere (astronauts and satellites out in space and even the other planets).

28 thoughts on “Solar Flare, Solar Storm of SUN, CURRENT SDO AIA 304 IMAGE-VIDEO

  1. WOW The sun is more dynamic than I thought!

  2. Hello everyone! Have a question, is there an actual Astroid to hit Earth in mid September 2015!? I’ve been hearing about this, and hoping you can let me know.
    Thank you for reading
    Angela McGonigle

  3. Today is the last day of 2014, looking at the sun is so beautiful on this last day. Tonight at 12 it will be 2015. Hopefully in 2015 we will learn alot of new stuff about are sun and space. Anyone reading this on 12/31/14 have a great New Year.

  4. Anyone have any insight as to that gigantic ‘fault line’ in the upper portion of the image? Been following it for the last week or so…

  5. thank you for teaching me

  6. Fantastic picture, but i want live video cam ” Sun ” 🙂 , please where i can get it, and thanks for sharing

  7. thank you

  8. A good 93 million miles away

  9. lozada felix, damaris milagros

    just think about the universe itself; and other world in other galaxies? living being? and we are here but universe is infinite? infinity? no ending when our brain can in proper conditions absorb a lot of information and memories well used. just imaging how infinite is infinity? our sense are so little to understanding even looking at it!

    • Olivier Oberholzer

      Can’t wait for everybody asking themselves such great, life loving, creative and deep questions… Imagination will set Earth and the lives she protects Free 🙂

  10. The sun is so amazing. If you stop to look at it with the naked eye (behind a cloud so you don’t blind yourself:) and look at how big it actually looks and then remember it is 93 million miles away, you cannot help but be in awe of it. Such power, such life giving force, it is just amazing. Now with our satellites we have these kinds of detailed pictures and videos anyone on the internet can see…we are very lucky, many in the past only dreamed of such things.

  11. hi to all veiws yesterday 13.02.2013 6pm gmt time ,it was first time i saw dark orange sun ,n followed by dark orange moon 8pm gmt time can any one tell me s sometime strange happening in outer space .m from nadi fiji islands

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