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WOW! Sun action, big flares! It’s about time!

There were some cool looking big flares on 8/14/20. Been a long time since we have seen this much activity from he sun! Take a look at these pictures and…

Solar eruption 1-9-2020

Large Active area on Sun

The upper east region of the sun is starting to show some significant activity.

filament crossing he lower face of the sun.

Large filament seen on face of the sun

This image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) shows a filament of solar material hovering above the sun’s surface. SDO shows colder material as dark and hotter material as light, so…


DSCOVR launch is a success, SpaceX rocket landing aborted.

Today, right on time the SpaceX Falcon 9 lifted off in the third attempt to place the Space weather satellite DSCOVR on the other side of the moon at the…


DSCOVR launch now set for Tuesday February 10th – Watch Live Here

UPDATE 2/10/15 – Launch was scrubbed due to wind levels. New launch date is Wednesday 2/11/15 at 6:03 pm eastern. 2/9/15 – The DSCOVR launch has Sunday was scrubbed due…

Unusual large dark area at south pole of sun

In the last few days the sun as developed a rather large dark area at it’s south pole. Interestingly enough there are no sun spots in this area. It is…

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NOAA to Launch New Space Weather Satellite this Month

  (NOAA) – The  Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), scheduled to launch in five weeks, will give forecasters more reliable measurements of solar wind speed, improving their ability to monitor harmful…

Dark River on Sun

Dark River on Face of the Sun

The sun has been awash with activity recently with X Class events, flares and an extremely active sun spot which has cause a significant increase in space weather and alerts….