Current Sunspot Animation

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  1. Was the SUN in that kind of peaceful mood before? How does the sun affect the viruses spreading on Earth?

  2. re- What are the effects of sun spots, sun spots can form and produce solar flares and Coronal mass ejection, this gives solar wind and magnetic interference within earths atmosphere that can disrupt radio frequencies. the current solar cycle maximum and minimum can be obtained by counting the amount of sun spots during the suns 11 year cycle, we are currently in the decline of cycle 24 with very low sun spot counts, there are currently 3 sun spots on the dial.

  3. I want to know more about space. can you give me some more information about our universe.

    • Space is and the universe is not. Time is perception, the universe is your timely perception. Of course you are more of your perception than what truly is. Time is the mirror of the happening in position of whatsoever grasps its life of dominion.

    • Space if very large and it won’t hurt you. The universe is not ours. In fact we may be its, however this is hotly debated in some quarters.

  4. abdalla abdalla

    Thanks for giveing us new information about sun and I was grateful, especially on astronomy and meteorology from Sudan thank,s

  5. I get someinformation’s which help us how the sun created & what is the sort of energy which the sun provides us .But some experiments are necessary to prove that.

  6. would like to know more about it,latest.
    what are the effects of sunspots?

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