Space Weather Today

Current Sunspots
Current Sunspots
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NOAA Space Weather Storm Scale Descriptions


Current SDO AIA 304 Image of the sun

Aurora Map

This plot shows the current extent and position of the auroral oval in the northern hemisphere

ACE Real-Time Solar Wind

Current Solar Wind

Current Solar Wind

Current Solar Wind

Current GOES Proton Flux


GOES X-ray Flux plot contains 5 minute averages

GOES X-ray Flux plot –  5 minute averages

Today’s Space Weather Details:


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  1. Things have been slow lately in space weather…sun very quite

  2. Enter your comment here…I feel it important to study the impacts of Space Weather on Earth Climate. The Global Climate Change seems to have been a burning question in the world. There is a lot to find out whether Space Weather Impacts or Human Activities on Mother Nature play greater roles on the World Clime Environment.

  3. It seems, as there is n
    o radio blackout,I find my browsing websites on my moblle phone handset quite smooth.

  4. It is suspected that solar flares and solar winds cause radio blackouts upto considerable distance.This may create some problems in telecommunication including surfing the internet and browsing websites here on Earth. Perhaps,I have unknowingly experienced it already already. But,I’m not cocky sure.

  5. Space Probe has proven that Earth is the motherland of mankind. Space weather depends much on the human life-style.This is because God created man in the beginning in His own image.If God-image is manifest in the persons of majority people,there is one kind of space climate.On the contrary,if the Devil image is manifest in the persons of majority inhabitants, there is a sort of reverse space climate including the atmospheric weather.

  6. Thanks ! The post is not only enjoyable , but also helpful.The sun is the Pricipal of the Solar System. It contains ample energy to swallow the system at the command of God.When the number of His people is less than 10 in the the world,the holocaust may happen anytime thereafter at His command.

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