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KnowledgeOrb was started by my self and my son when he was in junior high school. It was a way to teach him computers and web programming but also place to put some interesting posts and resources for people. Having worked in and around NASA for almost a quarter century I like to think I can find cool stuff to post.  I like to think the web site looks clean and fairly professional and bigger than it actually is. It is still basically just the two of us. We try to post only the best and most interesting materials for you to enjoy.

We still update it even though he is now grown, for you the reader. Our reward is watching the site get used and knowing we made something people like. We have ads but that does not even cover the server cost. We don’t take donations or ask for money. If you like the site let us know by liking us with the face book or Google+ links in the upper right of the page above. (or both :^).

I have run Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) since before the internet was around and we all had to use were 300 baud phone modems! Seems funny now but that is all we had. This is really just a continuation of that.

We hope you like the site and are always ready to add new features or topics. If there is something you want let us know!  KnowledgeOrb is a private website and not affiliated in any way with any government agency or company. We will accept posts or articles for publication after review and approval.

Every attempt is made to ensure posts are accurate and updated in a timely manner. If a post is inaccurate please report them to KnowledgeOrb using the Contact us and we will work to resolve the issue.

All posts are the property of KnowledgeOrb, all rights are reserved.

If you have any questions or comments please use the Contact Us link to let us know.

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