Maybe we are wrong

Reflecting on what is going on in America, do independents and Republicans need to rethink their positions and concerns.

We think Constitution was violated when states allowed Judicial and Executive branches to make voting policy changes without Legislative approval, and a ballot vote by the people. This is not debatable, it happened. This causes concerned about our constitutional foundation and most basic principals of our country being ignored. Maybe we are wrong.

Conservative media accounts and businesses are being shut down for “supporting violence” while the liberal accounts, hostile foreign nations and terrorist groups who are accused of this are not. We are concerned about our freedom of speech and repression of our rights. Maybe we are wrong.

Senior Government leaders encourage open harassments and attack on anyone who does not agree with the liberal agenda. Including harassment at their homes. We are concerned people are afraid to have a different non-liberal opinion. Maybe we are wrong.

For years we have heard the left government leaders say they need to remove Trump at “any and all costs”. This is a call for any action taken to meet that end goal. We saw accusations, investigations constantly being levied to that end, breaking our faith in the ability of the left to be fair and just. Maybe we are wrong.

We saw countless people give testimony about fraud in the election. We see that being ignored and treated like it is baseless and does not matter. Action by the left showing they believe it should be ignored and not looked into. We are truly concerned and not sure about the accuracy of the last election. Maybe we are wrong.

We witnessed repression at polling places of people with non liberal beliefs. We saw candidates who were not liberal have their signs removed and people harassed. We are concerned about the intolerance we see. Maybe we are wrong.

We see many analogies to Germany before WWII in how people are treated and repressed under the guise of not thinking as the party does. Maybe we are wrong.

We have faith that our elected leadership will see the concern of millions of American citizens and address theses concerns in a fair manner. They will look at all sides of the issues, assuring ALL the rights of WE THE PEOPLE are addressed. They will do this with the same level of diligence, concern, intellect, and fairness that our founding fathers had.

Maybe we are wrong………