Reality Check for Green Energy

With the recent push for electric vehicles and green energy we need to take a minute to do a reality check and assess where we are and the path forward….


SLS, Designed to fail, by Congress, not NASA.

There is an old saying at NASA, “Failure is not an option”. Unfortunately due to once again having congress design a rocket instead of the engineers at NASA “Failure is…

NASA SLS rocket

Watch first launch of Artemis SLS Live here.

Man is returning to the moon and the first launch if the Artemis. The launch is scheduled for 8:33 a.m. Eastern time, but in case of unfavorable weather or technical…


This Woman was created by Artificial Intelligence

The beautiful woman in the image above does not exist. She was created using artificial intelligence. Mid-journey AI, so it appears, has recently updated their AI and now you can…

child operating nuclear plant

Are Solar, Wind the future of Green Energy. No.

The Green new deal advocates are living in a delusion that believes solar and wind power are the answers to all of our energy problems. It is unfortunate that they…


Moon landings faked? Lets talk about that.

Having worked at NASA for almost 30 years I have had the pleasure of working with some great engineers, many of which were part of the Apollo Moon project. Not…


Google Engineer talks about AI he thinks may be self aware.

Blake Lemoine is a Google engineer who broke the news recently with his belief an Artificial Intelligence has achieved sentience. There have been many opinions on this matter and opinions…

NASA SLS rocket

NASA SLS Launch Nears! But is it sustainable?

The upcoming launch of the new NASA Moon rocket, the SLS, is the culmination of decades of work and effort. The Saturn 5 replacement is an awesome achievement, but at…