Current Solar Videos, Solar Flare, Solar Storm

Latest real time videos of the sun

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11 thoughts on “Current Solar Videos, Solar Flare, Solar Storm

  1. Imagine you’re going the speed of light and you slip on a banana peel!
    You would fall down everywhere at the same moment.

  2. Why is the live streaming disabled? I watch the sun everyday, bring it back please.

    • Dan Mantel - KnowledgeOrb Contributor

      Provider broke it when they changed the server without telling me. I changed providers and will get it working again

  3. What happened to the live streaming….! I’ve been checking each morning and the sun is white! Can you please bring back live streaming of the sun? thanks

  4. Only the ASTRONAUTS KNOWS WHAT THE COLOR OF THE SUN AND THE PLANETS…Iwant to be a ASTRONAUT…..Woooooowwww😎😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱👍👍👍

  5. the sun has being shining & giving us a lot of energy. from my basic physics, I know that the sun is the source of all energy on earth but little of this energy given by the sun is utilized.
    where is the remaining energy which is not utilized stored in our universe?
    what actually happens to this energy: is it reconverted into other forms or what??

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  8. lets say you had a spaceship that could fly at the speed of light. this is acutlaly impossible unless you rip spacetime, but we’ll ignore that. you blast off from earth, travel to the end of the known universe, and come back. every one on earth thinks that you’ve been gone for about 26 billion years. this is because the edge of the known universe is 13 bilion light years away. for you, however, it will acutlaly take ZERO time. this is because time slows for a very fast moving object, and acutlaly stops for one moving at the speed of light. you could travel to every point in the universe, including the ones that are too far a way to see, and your watch wouldn’t tick once. you wouldn’t even see what was happening because light wouldn’t reach your eyes and your brain couldn’t process the information.

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