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Hollywood, We don’t need your opinion.

Just because your famous that does not make you right. As a famous rich people, Hollywood actors are in a small bubble of fans who constantly adore and admire them….

Youtube Orphan Red

Are Flat Earthers Just Stupid?? No.

There has been a recent increase in discussions on social media about the “fact” that the Earth is actually flat. There have been sports figures and celebrities who draw attention…

Tough Choice, Man to Mars or Robots to the Universe

This week NASA announced that there are two moons in our own solar system with liquid water oceans. These also contain the chemicals and energy sources needed for life. Cassini scientists announce…


Fixing JWST (and other large and complex space projects)

JWST is the kind of thing that causes “civilians” to shake their heads and wonder what is wrong with NASA and its scientific directorate. Speaking of the telescope as if…

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Manned Exploration of Mars, So Exciting, So Disappointing

Decades ago man walked on the moon and it seemed as if Mars was only a short next step in the natural progress of mankind’s voyage into space. The days…


Virgin Galactic Spaceship Death No Surprise

The death of one pilot and serious injury of another during a flight of Virgin Galactic Spaceshiptwo was no surprise at all. A serious accident destroyed the vehicle 45,000 feet…

SETI dish

Why YOU Should Join the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

If you have not heard of it the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI, has been listening for decades now for a hint of a radio broadcast from outside our…

Commerial Crew Program

Russia threatens to stop ISS launches, what is next for Astronauts? IIS?

With the recent threat from the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia to renege on the commitment to send U.S. Astronauts to the International Space Station, what will the NASA do? To…