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NASA SLS rocket

NASA SLS Launch Nears! But is it sustainable?

The upcoming launch of the new NASA Moon rocket, the SLS, is the culmination of decades of work and effort. The Saturn 5 replacement is an awesome achievement, but at…

NASA Administrator states “Man on Mars in Twenty years”

Last week NASA Administrator Charles Bolden spoke to the Space Business Round table in his first public speech this year. In this speech he stated that since the 1980s, as…

SpaceX Sea Platform

SpaceX Launch to ISS Tuesday (scrubbed) will Soft Land Rocket at Sea

Update 1/6/15 SpaceX scrubbed a flight to the International Space Station on Tuesday. The countdown was stopped  just over a minute before launch when a steering mechanism in the rocket malfunctioned —…

Mission Diagram

NASA Orion Scrubbed for launch 12/4/14 7:05am EST

UPDATE – The launch of Orion’s flight test has been scrubbed for today because of an issue related to fill and drain valves on the Delta IV Heavy rocket that…


NASA’s Newest Manned Spacecraft Orion Set for December 4th Launch

Since the retirement of the Space Shuttle there has been no U.S. based manned launch capability The Orion capsule along with the SLS rocket is the answer to this problem….


Virgin Galactic Spaceship Death No Surprise

The death of one pilot and serious injury of another during a flight of Virgin Galactic Spaceshiptwo was no surprise at all. A serious accident destroyed the vehicle 45,000 feet…

Rocket Explosion on Wallops launch pad 10/28/14

Orbital Antares Rocket Explodes During Wallops IIS Launch

Approximately six seconds after liftoff an Antares rocket appeared to stall and fall back to the launchpad where it exploded at the Wallops Island launch facility. The International Space Station…

Wallops Antares

ISS Antares Resupply Launch Monday Oct.27 View-able from NE U.S.

UPDATE – Launch was scrubbed due to a boat down range . The new launch time is now Tuesday night at 6:22 p.m. Managers for Orbital Sciences Corp. of Dulles, Virginia,…