Dark River on Face of the Sun

Dark River on Sun

Dark band crosses much of the Suns Earth facing surface in this image from SDO.

The sun has been awash with activity recently with X Class events, flares and an extremely active sun spot which has cause a significant increase in space weather and alerts. In the image above you can see a very long river of activity. I do not know the root cause of this feature. Perhaps someone who knows the cause will leave a comment,

This area seems cooler than the rest of the Sun and could be caused by the conjunction of magnetic fields or some other similar phenomena. It does not appear to he the cause of the recent solar activity as that is mostly attributed to the large sun spot 2192 which can be seen rotating away from Earth on the lower right hand of the image.

river on the sun

Another image of the river of darkness on the sun

Above is another band from the SDO satellite in which you can clearly see the dark stripe. If nothing else it is interesting. Along with it you can see a much wider dark band starting from the lower half of the sun and working it’s way upwards.

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It will be interesting to see how this anomaly changes and what if any impact it will have on the space weather environment.

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