The End of the World Is here….we had a good run!

663562main_Evaporating_Exoplanet_Beauty_SmallWell folks this is it, 12/21/12 is finally here and we all know what that means. The predicted end of the world. We thought as a last gesture of kindness from KnowledgeOrb to mankind we would give you links to watch the destruction of the Earth right here on our site.

If the Sun explodes we will not know it for about 7 minutes or so when the light finally reaches us. You can watch the mayhem and destruction until the shock wave rips Earth apart right here on this page which has live images of our sun. We do not guarantee the page will update once earth is destroyed. But feel free to keep hitting the reload button.

The U.S government has said the world will not end on December 21, 2012…silly scientists with there facts and data…what happened to old fashioned unsubstantiated fear and panic.

Of course if you want to know about space weather in real time you can look here. We would guess the December 21st the forecast will be something like …. Upper atmosphere ripped from Earth, surface temperatures greater than 1000 degrees, dozens of meteorite impacts per minute, large clouds of volcanic ash blocking sun, and of course…the sun exploded.

We wish all of you well, perhaps the machines will survive us and become the next generation of intelligent life on Earth. On the odd chance we are all not destroyed by a mini black hole, exploding sun, aliens landing, or Godzilla returning we will of course post more about Space and Science on the 22nd….including the fact that the world did not end.

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