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U.S. city lights

Watch U.S. city lights go off and on as sunsets and rises. 4K satellite U.S. earth Video.

Beautiful night light of U.S. from NASA NOAA GOES-East Satellite. Watch as the sun rise and sun set triggers the cities to illuminate.

NASA Satellites COVID-19 indications show near pre-outbreak levels.

NASA satellite data from the Aura OMI instrument is showing that the claims from China that they are returning to normal could be true. At least from what can be seen in increased pollution over the cities.

NASA OMI NO2 over China

NASA Satellites indicate possibly less COVID-19 virus in China.

NASA Satellites indicate possibly less COVID-19 virus in China. Increased pollution in China does indicate that people could be getting back to work

Youtube Orphan Red

Are Flat Earthers Just Stupid?? No.

There has been a recent increase in discussions on social media about the “fact” that the Earth is actually flat. There have been sports figures and celebrities who draw attention…

clean dirty states

America’s Cleanest and Dirtiest States

(Source – America’s energy policy has been the subject of much recent debate: From the Pope’s public advocacy of environmental stewardship to the EPA’s toughened regulations on pollution from petroleum refineries,…


Brilliant fireball seen over Bangkok Thailand

Monday morning video captured what appears to be something re-entering the atmosphere over Thailand. There were several photos and videos of a mystery fireball that briefly illuminated the Bangkok sky. The…


Solar Storm causing Auroras as low as New York, Wisconsin

There is a Geomagnetic event in progress and it may allow viewing of Auroras as low as New York to Wisconsin and Washington state.  If the skys are clear you should go…

new yorkfireball

Bright Fireball seen over New York, Ohio area

(NASA) – A very bright fireball seen over New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania at 4:45:17 EST this morning, February 17th. It was captured by three NASA cameras. The video came…