Moon landings faked? Lets talk about that.

A real fake picture from the moon.

Having worked at NASA for almost 30 years I have had the pleasure of working with some great engineers, many of which were part of the Apollo Moon project. Not that I ever thought it was fake, I also have first hand knowledge from friends of many years who I trust who were part of that great project. When you talk to them about the “fake landing” they just laugh. Now that we are about to return to the moon it might be a good time to talk about the previous fake moon landing theories.

Keep in mind mt friends are not the astronauts who landed but some of the many hundreds of thousands who made it all possible. They are not in the limelight, talking at press conferences, or even on social media. They have real detailed information that cannot be faked which, as if they ever had a doubt, us undeniable proof we went to the moon. I have had conversations with conspiracy theorists about a flat Earth as well and there are many parallels. When you talk about the thousands and thousands of people on the ground who worked the missions they say they too have been faked out and are looking at simulated data.

I had a conversation with flat earthers who were going on and on about Astro”nuts” and I listened for a while, then told them I worked at NASA. They promptly called me a lair and I then provided proof. They were going to kick me out of their conversation but I told them I had an open mind and wanted to hear their side…convince me. They told me that the satellites I worked on were all simulated and I was being faked out. This was interesting because I have basically participated in the building, launch and operations of many satellites. I know the subtle functions of the ones I helped build. I told them to look at it this way. When you restore a car, or anything else, you have an intimate knowledge of that car that no one else on the planet has. You know the areas that need work, how tight the bolts are, what knobs you have to jiggle a little to make work, where the flaws are. Satellites are very much the same. When you build them they are made by humans, not machines.

When you build a part of that satellite you own it, you know everything there is to know about it. Satellites are broken up into subsystems and there are generally 3-4 experts on any subsystem who then operate it. There are subtle things about these systems I and only 2 or 3 other people on Earth know. When I see the satellite mounted on the rocket, watch it launch, and then see it operate, with all if the features I know it had, there is no way anyone could fake that. It is just silly.

Of course first hand knowledge and undeniable facts just make you part of the big conspiracy so in conspiracy theorists minds there is always that to fall back on. When Artemis launches to the moon it will be fun to watch the Moon landing deniers and flat Earthers make up new excuses. It should be entertaining.