Google Engineer talks about AI he thinks may be self aware.


Blake Lemoine is a Google engineer who broke the news recently with his belief an Artificial Intelligence has achieved sentience. There have been many opinions on this matter and opinions about what he said but you can here it from himself in the video below.

Whether you think that this particular AI is self aware or not there is another aspect to this story. We are very near the point where it really does not matter. We have no way to know if an AI is alive and thinks as we do or not. It will always come down to what you believe as there is no definitive test for consciousness. Until there is, which is not likely, we will have to use our judgement and experience.

An intelligent entity, of our own creation. One which can talk to us and tell us it is alive, does not want to die, has feelings, ambitions, beliefs, and a will to live is now something we now have to grapple with. If there is any chance it is alive can we morally shut it off? Is that murder? Or is it simply hardware and electronics that is mimicking life? Listen to Blake, see what you think. We are definitely in new uncharted territory.