Explained – Navy says Top-Secret UFO files could gravely damage U.S. security

UFO picture from 2019
UFO December 2019 from Minnesota

Do a quick Google search of “UFO gravely damage U.S. national security, Navy” and you will find pages of major news media web sites who have written articles about it in the last few days. They go on about fact that in addition to the recently declassified and released UFO videos, the NAVY also stated they have addition videos that are classified as Top Secret. They will not release these because they “could gravely damage U.S. security”. Could it be the Top Secret video is so compelling, showing UFO craft or aliens, they would change the human race’s perspective on ourselves, cause chaos, and topple governments, not likely.

While the Navy has said it has Top Secret UFO video, they have NOT said WHAT is on those videos. The fact that they stated that release of them could “gravely damage U.S. national security” is because the DEFINITION of TOP SECRET means it could cause grave damage. They did NOT say that the content is about Alien UFOs and will cause damage. The government definition of what TOP SECRET means is here in the definition of classification levels.

These major media articles paint a picture that makes the reader think the Navy has stated they have UFO evidence of an extraterrestrial nature that would cause grave damage if released. What the Navy is really saying is they have video that is classified Top Secret and by that very definition it means release could cause grave damage. They are parroting back the DEFINITION OF ANY TOP SECRET MATERIAL, about ANYTHING.

Yes there are UFOs but that does not mean they are aliens. For example the Navy could have video of some new unidentified jet or vehicle. It is man made, from some other country. They don’t know where it came from but it flew higher or faster, or maneuvered quicker than normal jets. Therefore it is a UFO and classified Top Secret because they don’t want the other country to know we have the video. Nothing to do with aliens.

It is sad that such click bait is being used by major news outlets now.  It is even more pathetic that they only further fuel the false misleading narrative of the click bait title in the articles. Also sad is that in general what used to be real news and media outlets have been reduced to this…or maybe they are just to stupid to understand what they are being told.

In any case while it would be awesome to see actual aliens or an extraterrestrial UFO video don’t count on it any time soon, especially related to these Navy comments. Also remember that the media is now more interested in click bait headlines, rather than real content and meaning.