JAXA Launches New Rocket Epsilon-1

JAXA Epsilon-1 Rocket Launch

JAXA Epsilon-1 Rocket Launch

JAXA launched a new rocket called the Epsilon Launch Vehicle (Epsilon-1) on September 14th 2014 at 14:00jst. This was the second attempt to launch after a failed attempt which was stopped automatically by computers on August 27th. On board was the Spectroscopic Planet Observatory for Recognition of Interaction of Atmosphere (SPRINT-A). The launch too place from the Uchinouora Space Center.

The launch vehicle flew smoothly, and, at about 61 minutes and 39 seconds after liftoff, the separation of the SPRINT-A was confirmed.The SPRINT-A mission will gather data on the atmospheres of Venus, Earth and Mars to further understanding of how they are impacted by the solar wind. In addition SPRINT-A will also perform an observation of extreme ultraviolet light from the satellite Io of the Jupiter, and examines how to transfer energy in the plasma environment of the Jupiter from an observation of a sulfur ion flowing out from Io.

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