Spectacular CME with Earth Directed Impact

CME 9/29/13

CME 9/29/13

Update 10/2/13 – Effects from CME felt on Earth. Read about the Geomagnetic Storm.

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A spectacular CME erupted which could have an effect on Earth on 9/29/13. This large ejection was capture in the image you see above. The solar activity does appear to be increasing after a recent down turn. The lack of activity was a surprise as we are near or at the 11 year Solar max. This particular filament erupted from the northwest quadrant of the sun. Beginning at about about 30-50 Earths or ~380,000-640,000 kilometers in size producing a C1.2 solar flare.  The mass left the sun moving at approximately 900 km/s (2 million mph). Further analysis since the initial even has shown it is not aimed toward Earth. There is a chance the Earth’s magnetosphere could receive a glancing blow on Oct. 2-3.

Space weather for the next 24 hours is predicted to be moderate. Solar radiation storms reaching the S2 level are expected.

CME 9-29-13 Video