Amazing Video Shows Plasma Rain on Sun

sun rainIn this amazing video you can see what in effect is rain on the sun, but it is the plasma dropping from the magnetic fields. On July 19, 2012, an eruption occurred on the sun that produced a moderately powerful solar flare and a dazzling magnetic display known as coronal rain. Hot plasma in the corona cooled and condensed along strong magnetic fields in the region. Magnetic fields, are invisible, but the charged plasma is forced to move along the lines, showing up brightly in the extreme ultraviolet wavelength of 304 Angstroms, and outlining the fields as it slowly falls back to the solar surface. Music: ‘Thunderbolt’ by Lars Leonhard, courtesy of artist.

You can see real time images and videos of the sun on the KnowledgeOrb Solar page.

Video Credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center