Original 1972 Space Shuttle Mockup Moved

The Original full scale space shuttle mockup, a merge from a warehouse in Southern California Thursday, July 12. It is to be placed on display.

The full size model is made out of wood and plastic. It was transported on a flatbed truck to a parking lot near the Columbia memorial space center in Downey, Calif.

“Having this exciting shuttle mockup attraction next to the Columbia Memorial Space Center will not only help further the space center’s educational programs, but it will provide visitors with a unique experience that will help engage and inspire the next generation of explorers,” Downey’s mayor, Roger Brossmer, said in a statement.

“We are excited to have this historic shuttle [mockup] on display here in Downey,” Mayor Brossmer said. “Our city is proud to have such a rich aerospace history and we hope that this is the first of several steps to getting a permanent home for our mockup.”

The shuttle will remain under the open ended tent until the city has the money needed to construct the building.