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Mars Comet Flyby

Mars Satellite Fleet has Front Row Seat for Comet Viewing

(NASA) – The extensive fleet of science assets, particularly those orbiting and roving Mars, have front row seats to image and study a once-in-a-lifetime comet flyby on Sunday, Oct. 19. Comet C/2013…

First Sampling Hole in Mount Sharp

Mars Rover Drills First Mount Sharp Sample

This image from the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera on NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows the first sample-collection hole drilled in Mount Sharp, the layered mountain that is the…

ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation image

India’s Mars Orbiter Takes Impressive Full Globe Image

In the first week since it was inserted into Mars orbit, the newest addition to the small Martian fleet of spacecraft has managed to send home a rather impressive full…


India Spacecraft to Enter Mars Orbit this Week

After a successful launch on November 5th 2013 the Indian Space Research Organization ISRO is set to place the Mangalyaan spacecraft into orbit around the red planet. The spacecraft will arrive right on schedule…

Mars Mount Sharp

Mars Curiosity rover has reached the Red Planet’s Mount Sharp

(NASA) – Mars Curiosity rover has reached the Red Planet’s Mount Sharp, a Mount-Rainier-size mountain at the center of the vast Gale Crater and the rover mission’s long-term prime destination….

MAVEN to enter Mars Orbit September 21st

Mars had water, an atmosphere, and at was time was very Earth like…what happened? Where did the water go? These are the questions Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) is trying…

Mars Bonanza King

Mars Rock Moves During Drilling, Team Elects to Stop Drilling.

(NASA/JPL) – Evaluation of a pale, flat Martian rock as the potential next drilling target for NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover determined that the rock was not stable enough for safe…

Mars Rover Tracks

Mars Curosity Rover Two Years on Mars and going Strong

  (NASA) – The most advanced roving laboratory on Mars celebrates its second anniversary since landing inside the Red Planet’s Gale Crater on Aug. 5, 2012, PDT (Aug. 6, 2012, EDT)….