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India Mangalyaan mars Orbiter

India’s Mars Orbiter Marks Half Way Point on it’s Journey

In it’s bid to join the U.S and Russia in successful mission to the red planet, India’s Mangalyaan Orbiter passed the half way point to Mars on April 09, 2014…


NASA Administrator Discusses Humans to Mars Goal 4/22/14- Video

Administrator Charles Bolden outlined NASA’s human exploration path to Mars during a keynote address at the April 22 Humans to Mars Summit 2014, held at George Washington University in Washington….

Rover on Mars from Orbit

Curiosity Mars Rover as Seen from Orbit by MRO

This image taken from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the rover as well as the tracks it made in traveling to  a rock layer surrounding the base of a small butte, called…

Curiosity's View From Arrival Point at 'The Kimberley' Waypoint

Curiosity reaches next area for major investigation on Mars

Looking much like any desert on Earth, complete with mountains in the background, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover recorded this view of various rock types at a waypoint called “the Kimberley”…

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars Rover Sees it’s Shadow. Does that mean Winter is over?

Maybe we should add the Mars Rover to the Punxsutawney Phil gopher tradition of seeing his own shadow. NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity caught its own silhouette in this late-afternoon image…

Martian Landscape with Rock Rows and Mount Sharp

Interesting rows of rocks found on Mars by Curiosity Rover

This landscape scene photographed by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows rows of rocks in the foreground and Mount Sharp on the horizon. Curiosity’s Navigation Camera (Navcam) took the component images…

Mars Doughnut

Mars Jelly Doughnut Rock Mystery Solved

(NASA) – Researchers have determined the now-infamous Martian rock resembling a jelly doughnut, dubbed Pinnacle Island, is a piece of a larger rock broken and moved by the wheel of…

Mars Rover Dune Drive

Watch Mars Rover Dune Buggy Over Martian Hill

It may not be a modified VW Bug but there is no other car in the universe equipped to traverse a Martian sand dune like the Mars Curiosity Rover. The…