January 2014 Video, A month in the life of the Sun

Video Credit: SDONASADigital Composition: Kevin Gill (Apoapsys)

This video was compiled using data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) during the month of January 2014. The large image on the left shows the solar chromosphere is depicted in ultraviolet light. The rest of the inset six Sun images highlight X-ray emission by relatively rare iron atoms located at different heights of the corona, all false-colored to accentuate differences. Due to the fact that the Sun takes just under a month to rotate completely you can watch as the sunspots rotate out of view and then look different as the once again return on the other side of the sun. .

This year our Sun is near its Solar maximum activity of its 11-year magnetic cycle. We could see some exciting activity in the future due to this.

See live solar video here.