Watch Mars Rover Dune Buggy Over Martian Hill

Mars Rover Dune Drive

The series of nine images making up this animation were taken by the rear Hazard-Avoidance Camera (rear Hazcam) on NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover as the rover drove over a dune spanning “Dingo Gap” on Mars.

It may not be a modified VW Bug but there is no other car in the universe equipped to traverse a Martian sand dune like the Mars Curiosity Rover. The tough rover is continuing its traverse toward enticing science destinations after climbing over a dune spanning a gap in a ridge.

The rover covered 135 feet (41.1 meters) on Feb. 9, in its first drive since the 23-foot (7-meter) crossing of the dune on Feb. 6. That put Curiosity’s total travel since its August 2012 landing at 3.09 miles (4.97 kilometers).

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