Rocket Launch from Virginia View-able from East Coast 11/19

Launch Viewing

Map of viewing times


Read the Launch Viewing Report from the East Coast.

Update 7:19 pm Launch slipped until 8:15pm due to an issue at a tracking station which has been resolved.

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On the evening of November 19th 2013 much of the east coast of the United States will be able to see the launch of an Orbital Sciences Minotaur I rocket supporting the U.S. Air Force ORS-3 mission. Liftoff is scheduled to occur on November 19, 2013, with a planned launch window of 7:30 – 9:15 pm EST.

The last launch from Wallops Island (LADEE) was easily seen as far north as Pennsylvania and even as far as Maine. This map shows that Canada may even see part of this launch. Evening launches are especially spectacular and easy to see. The last launch like this was reported to have a large red glowing tail which stood out from the other stars and planes in the sky. If you missed that launch this is a great chance to see another one.

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If you cannot make it don’t worry more launches are scheduled from Wallops Island Va. to resupply the space station and support other missions.

Watch live feed below!

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