Leonids Meteor Shower Peak Nov 17,18

Meteor Shower

Between the hours of midnight and dawn are the best times to see the Leonids. Credit: NASA

The Leonids meteor showers, produced by Comet Tempel-Tuttle, are one of the best for observation. You will see about 40 meteors per hour. Leonids have a cyclic peak year every 33 years when hundreds of meteors can be seen each hour. Last time this phenomenon occurred in 2001. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Leo after midnight and the meteors originates from the tail of the Comet.

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Unfortunately this year we also have a full moon. “A full moon will shine all night long, making 2013 an unfavorable year for watching this meteor shower,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab commented. If your up and in a dark area take a few minutes you may see some spectacular sites.