Supermoon view-able this weekend, Live Webcast

A full moon captured July 18, 2008.

A super moon captured July 18, 2008. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

On Sunday (June 23) when the Moon rises it will appear the largest possible this year. No you will not be able to see the lunar lander but it should be an impressive site. This “supermoon” caused by the asymmetrical orbit of the moon. A supermoon happens within 12 hours of when the moon is closest to the Earth, or perigee. At it’s closest the moon will be 225,622 miles  or 363,104 kilometers from Earth. This is 27,000 miles closer than when it is at it’s furthest point 252,088 miles or 405,696 km away.

This supermoon will appear about 30 percent brighter than the full moon when it is at it’s furthest and about 14 percent brighter.Sunday’s peak fullness at 7:32 a.m. EDT. The moon’s closest approach of will be about 20 minutes before peak fullness.

A live webcast of the supermoon will be hosted by the SLOOH space camera.

Live Video feed from SLOOH Space Camera