Two new Earth Like Planets added to the Habitability List

Current potentially habitable exoplanets

Current potentially habitable exoplanets

The Kepler Telescope has found three more Earth like planets in two solar systems. The new Kepler-62 system has five planets 62b-f. Kepler-69 system has two planets 69b and c. Larger super Earth sized planets found include Kepler-62e-f and 69c.

In the Kepler-62 system has a a sun smaller and cooler than our own but two planets orbit are in the habitability zone which could possibly support life. The new exoplanets are called, Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f.  Kepler-62e is thus far the most Earth-like exoplanet found so far.

Kepler-69c was also announced by NASA to be in the habitable zone but it did not meet the guidelines of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory which defines the criteria needed to possible support life. .


Kepler-69c is 70 percent larger than the size of Earth, and orbits  a star similar to our sun. It has an orbit of 242 days around a sun-like star in an orbit which resembles that of  planet Venus.